Non-local elasticity in 2D systems

In two-dimensional (2D) soft matter systems the local displacement field can be accessed directly by video microscopy enabling one to compute local strain fields and hence the elastic moduli in these systems using a coarse graining procedure and employing a finite-size scaling scheme [d1,d2]. Here we study the coarse graining process in detail for a simple triangular lattice of particles connected by harmonic springs in two-dimensions. We show that coarse graining local strains obtained from particle configurations in a Monte Carlo simulation generates non-trivial, non-local strain correlations (susceptibilities) which may be understood within a generalised, Landau type elastic Hamiltonian containing up to quartic terms in strain gradients.

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  1. K. Franzrahe, dissertation: Theoretische Untersuchungen komplexer Modell-Kolloide: Computer-Simulationen struktureller und elastischer Eigenschaften (2008)

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