Colloidal systems in microchannels

The behavior of colloidal particles driven through a narrow constriction is investigated by using Brownian dynamics simulations.
The transport of super-paramagnetic colloids through a two-dimensional micro-channel has been studied previously both by experiments and by simulations [b1-3].
In a part of this research project the crossover from single file diffusion for narrow channels to normal diffusion for large channels is investigated in close collaboration with experiments from the group of Prof. Leiderer.
Also stochastic transport over a single barrier has been studied and many other projects has been realized within the SFB TR6 in collaboration with the groups of Prof. Maret and Prof. Binder.

In a recent study (2015) we examined the influence of an additional sinusoidal substrate potential. The effect of a driving force on the structure, mobility and diffusion is discussed as well as the appearance of kink and anti-kink solitons. The competing order principles of the hexagonal crystal structure, the period of the substrate and the layering due to the confining walls can be either commensurable or incommensurable. The combination of those three leads to new effects. The simultaneous occurrence of kinks and anti-kinks can be observed, due to the energy difference between boundary- and mid-lanes, and similarities to the electron-hole conductivity in a semiconductor can be found.

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b) Old publications

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c) Completed work

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